Based on what YOU see first, an optical illusion can reveal if you're a commitment phobe

News - Oct 25, 2023
Based on what YOU see first, an optical illusion can reveal if you're a commitment phobe

If you find yourself questioning why your relationships don't seem to work out, a perplexing optical illusion might shed light on potential commitment issues.

This optical illusion, shared on TikTok by @mia_yilin_, a regular purveyor of visual brain teasers, presents two plausible interpretations.

In the footage, she shared: 

Image Credits: Tiktok
Image Credits: Tiktok

What's the first thing you see in this picture?

If you first saw the birds. then you are someone who struggles with long-term commitments because you crave excitement and predictability bores you.

You are also very prone to overthinking, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life.

If you first saw the face, then you are a highly empathetic person quick to pick up on the emotions of others.

this sensitivity allows you to connect deeply with people, but it can also be overwhelming as you tend to absorb the negative energy of those around you.

While her followers admired the challenge, opinions were split regarding the image's intended depiction.

One person said: Super accurate, I saw both at once and they both describe me.

A second wrote: Face… me trying to figure out if I’m happy or sad about that

A third commented: I saw doves, apparently, I don't like a long-term commitment, well I've blown that theory out of the water, I've been happily married for 35 years!

Another added: I only see doves and my fortieth wedding anniversary is this weekend. Problems with long term commitments? I think not.

Someone else said: I see a flock of birds first because they are actual photos of birds! The profile of a woman's face is something that I notice if I screw up my eyes. It's not actually the face of a woman at all. It's a facial shape created by the judicious placement of the birds.