Woman embarrassed when required to weigh baggage before flight

News - Jun 19, 2023
Woman embarrassed when required to weigh baggage before flight

The video was recorded and posted in March, showcasing this embarrassing procedure, and has garnered 1.6 million views on TikTok.

 After that, the viewer asked the question of whether the airline was engaging in discrimination against passengers who are plus-size.

The owner of a video, user @lilwessel described the incident, and wrote in the caption: “The whole airport trying to mind their own business as a woman is asked to step on the baggage scale because she claimed she was 130lbs,”

Image Credits: TikTok/lilwessel
Image Credits: TikTok/lilwessel

She adds this is a tiny place so they needed to weigh passengers to take off for safety reasons.

The footage five-second, at an undisclosed airport, captures a female passenger standing on the luggage scale in full view of fellow flyers.

Many angrily commented on TikTok

One viewer wrote: "Why are people so mean?"

"That won't be fine," said another.

Another passenger who experienced the embarrassing situation shared: "Flying home from the Philippines and they weighed me...I've never been more embarrassed in my life."

However, others agreed with the airline's appropriate measures.

"Why would she lie and risk her life," one commenter critiqued. The significant operation, it's a small plane and we need to be safe," said another.

A TikTok who identifies as plus-size gained significant attention When she advocated for wider plane aisles to accommodate larger passengers. She supposed that the current existing layout is a discrimination 

The New York Post reported that in 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration made an announcement that it might require plus-sized passengers to step on the scale or provide their weight before boarding the aircraft.

According to the guidelines transcribed by AirInsight, the operator may “determine the actual weight of passengers” by requiring them to step on a scale prior to boarding the aircraft. 

Additionally,  they stipulated “the scale readout should remain hidden from public view.” This is to protect passenger privacy. 

This is a good way because the measure would help ensure that aircraft, particularly the smaller ones, don’t exceed their allowable maximum weight limit.